stuff that might have impact!
This page was last updated: January 26, 2015
Contact Us:
Cancer Assistance of Williams County
1425 E. High St., Ste 110
Bryan, OH 43506

Phone: (419) 636-0079

Office Hours:
Tuesday and Wednesdays 10- 4 or by appointment
Cancer Assistance
of Williams County
About Us...

Cancer Assistance of Williams County is different from most other cancer agencies, because we're not a branch office of a national organization.

Our mission of support is uniquely different than that of research organizations.  While the hope is that research will someday unlock the mysteries to the 200+ types of cancer;  our mission is helping those for whom the research is too late.  Our focus is right where we live, Williams County, Ohio.

"to bridge the need..." 


1)   Form a plan for their time in treatment,

2)   Get connected to additional resources,

3)   and provide financial assistance for cancer patients,  by helping pay for treatment, supplies, and medicine

"bridging the need..."      
10 Mile Map

stuff that might have impact!

Update on B2TB placement

by Nancy Johnson on 07/28/14

To all the riders who ride really, really fast...

We are not going to have a first or second place finish for the routes 50 or 25 mile route.  We consulted with safety officiers and other important people, and it was just deemed to unsafe to sponsor a timed race.  You can still ride fast, but always keep in mind SAFETY!

Update B2tB Registration and Payment

by Nancy Johnson on 07/11/14

Hi all you very patient people.

I think I got the registrations all updated online.  I have a new payment gateway that had my wee little brain in a tizzy.  But I think it's done.  (when tested it, it makes on my end...)

I will be adding a "Additional payment page, where you can ask
Uncle Rich to donate in support of your ride.  I just have to figure a few more things out. 

But thanks Jason/Mary for your insight!


Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

by Nancy Johnson on 07/07/14

It is time to celebrate our nation's birth.  Our country has gone through trials and tribulations, but has remained to be the land of the free. 

Many things are happening in our country today; our service men and women employed oversees to hostile countries, immigration, unemployment, negative and sad news fill the headlines and are blasted from the TV and radio.

However there are many good things happening too; here in northwest Ohio the community support for our little agency is energizing and uplifting.   Thank you for all who have called and are looking for updates on B2TB.  I am trying to link the online registrations with online payments... hopefully by Tuesday it will be up and done.  Please be patient with me - I am pedeling as fast as I can!

Thoughts along the way...

by Nancy Johnson on 06/19/14


My name is Nancy and I  am the Executive Director of this  wonderful agency.  The greatness of this organization is that - it makes a huge impact on people in Williams County, Ohio.  Your friends, neighbors, co-workers, the lady at the checkout line, the guy driving the school bus,  people who have names and live right here!

We do not have demonstrations on survivorship  because our priority is at the beginning of the diagnosis.  To become involved in their treatment plan, helping them set up their priorities of what has to be done first and how to stretch the dollar.  So knowing WHO we serve is just as important as HOW we serve...  

We help qualifying individuals with direct financial assistance.   Mileage to and from the doctor, co-payments on meds and medical bills, as well as supplies.  We provide the resources that are applicable to the individual.  We educate and teach on how insurance premiums, medical provisions and other appropriate information.  And most of all, we provide the emotional support that is often needed.

Do I think that Cancer Assistance of Williams County is wonderful, indeed I do.  I hope to be posting pictures of some of those people that have been impacted and appreciative of the services that has helped them to "bridge the need..."

B2tB 2014!

by Nancy Johnson on 07/19/13

Plans are underway for Bike to the Bridge - August 2 2014

Show your support of our local mission!

"Bridging Hearts...Together"